# Here are general informations about me

first_name, last_name = "Stéphane", "Sercu"

age = 22

location = "Brussels, Belgium"

current_occupation = "Master in Computer Science and Engineering"

interests = ["code", "problem solving", "piano", "learning", "squash"]

Who? What? Where? When?

I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and I’m currently doing a master in computer science and engineering in the same university which I expect to complete mid-2019.

I’m a long time passionate about software development & programming. I started learning C on my own when I was about 12. Since then I always wanted to learn more about software development and to build new things.

I am addicted to the satisfaction resulting from a code solving a specific problem in a clever, elegant and efficient way.


I’m comfortable with C, C++, Python, Swift and javascript. I’ve also had the occasion to work with Java, PHP, Matlab and the most common web development technologies.

I’m familiar with the web development but what I enjoy the most is building software solutions using my favorite programming language and solving specific algorithmic and/or mathematical problems.

I’m also familiar with the most common design patterns and good programming practices.


I recently developed and I continue to maintain HNBuddy - an iOS client for Hackernews. This project is briefly described in this post. It also has its landing page at www.hnbuddy.io.


Other personal projects are described on this website and/or on my github page.


My resume is available here: pdf

You can find some of my projects on github

Feel free to contact me at