A preview of the capabilities of my models for Human Pose Estimation. The models are based on ConvLSTMs and ConvGRUs. They are running in real-time on mobile devices.

BluePil.js is a (vanilla) javascript library allowing to easily make the images of a document load progressively, with a smooth animation.

A summary and explanation of different techniques I tried to mimic the way Medium loads the images on its posts.

HNBuddy is an Hackernews client for iOS written in Swift. It's available on the appstore and even has its own landing page!

Three reusable iOS components written in swift.

The aim of ths project was to build a USB Rubber Ducky using an Arduino Uno and the components present in the "Arduino Starter Kit". The main parts of this project are: 1) the arduino circuit 2) the arduino code (sketch) 3) The Ducky Script encoder, written in Python.

Implementation, in C++, of a backtracking algorithm that finds an optimal conformation of a protein in the HP model.